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A boutique wedding/event photography and videography team based in Melbourne that specializes in crafting custom-made, romantic, entertaining and engaging films and photos. Every wedding is a love story, we want to tell yours next. Capturing your story and bringing it to life is our true gift. We carefully produce with our signature style, tying together all the crucial elements that make your day unique.



And while some tell stories with words, we tell your story through film and images. We listen to what you say. We understand what you want and we deliver the outcome you’re after. We give you a way in which you can celebrate your story, re-live those moments, and remember exactly how you felt. We believe in connecting with our clients and gaining their trust so they will feel comfortable with us. Once we build that connection, we just simply let our cameras capture who they really are…


And as Crystal Films we will also work with you on an individual basis so our package is customised to fit your specific needs and budget. We provide pre-event consultation on full day package to help you plan your big day. We will get together and go through event details such as day planning, photo/video locations, filming themes and also a B plan for changing weather conditions.

You can set up meetings with us to talk about any changes, updates or fresh ideas for your big day. It could be a movie/episode scene that you’re impressed or a poster, maybe an album cover? We can talk over it and make you a star of your own true story. We’re here to listen, focus and understand. We’re creative, so unleash your dreams. You imagine we capture!


You are at Crystal Films. If you’re expecting outstanding quality service, you’re at the right place. Have a look at our extraordinary features


Enjoy and live your day! And then you will dream it again. These emotional images will be a part of that dream. It’s not just an image of you, it’s an image of this big good thing called LOVE. Our way of capturing people reflects the true feelings and the core aspect of their relationships with one another.

Instead of falling into the trap of current trends that are here today and gone tomorrow, we aim to create timeless photographs by keeping our images looking consistent, and as natural as possible. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Every photo should tell a story and evoke emotions within the viewer. This is what we deliver.


We are people who like to tell stories. We strive to capture who you are. Your spirit. Your love. Your laugh. To us, itís more than a video, itís your wedding film. Wedding cinematography skills are partly learnt and partly natural artistic talent. So how do we use these skills to make sure that your film is the best it can possibly be? Perhaps the most important quality for creating a perfectly shot wedding film is to have a good artistic eye.

This is the ability, which is also picked up through years of experience, to frame good shots and to spot the perfect cinematic opportunity.


We can set up a projector with a screen at reception and your guests can enjoy the show while waiting for the bridal entry. The content could be an animated slide show of your love story or your engagement highlights or maybe some other interesting visual content of your choice.


We can also set up a live stream system that allows your loved ones can see what’s going on while they’re far away from you. This could be done while we’re taking photos and videos at outside locations or it can be at the reception.


We can also make your real short film of your story (or we can make up a story) prior to wedding date. With film posters, trailers and teasers, unique film media covers and also behind the scene extras, it will be a true film and you will be a true star.


Keep your wedding highlights handy with Crystal Videobook. It’s most likely a photobook but instead of still images there will be your own video. You will be amazed when you open up the book and see your own video in full HD screen. Your unique designed videobook can be customized with screen size, video content and book size. Ask us to find out more.


What kind of events do you shoot?
Weddings, engagements, birthdays, celebrations and any other special occasions.

What kind of equipment do you have?
We have a wide range of quality photographic and cinematic equipment such as Digital SLR cameras, broadcast quality video cameras, slider, crane, wireless lighting and sound devices and even a drone with full HD camera.

Who do you have in your crew?
We are a team of three. We do all the work from beginning to the end by ourselves such as consulting, photo shooting, video shooting end editing.

Do you lend us your camera for bridal party?
Yes, so you can shoot your own videos while driving around locations or even just for fun. After that we edit your shootings and add them into your wedding film.

Do you edit all the images and videos?
Yes, all photos will be edited and some may have special effects as well. Same as film making. All raw videos pass through our video edit studio and every bit will be processed. Some will have special effects and animations.

Do you edit all the images and videos?
Yes, all photos will be edited and some may have special effects as well. Same as film making. All raw videos pass through our video edit studio and every bit will be processed. Some will have special effects and animations.

What are the process steps from booking to the end?
Once you decide to hire us we open up a folder for you on our database. Every bit of information goes in there. Your interest of locations, your favourite movie, songs that you would like us to put along with your film, your dress, the car that you hire for the day and any other information that you share with us. You can set up meetings, send a snapshot of a cene that you liked, a pose or just your feelings. We keep and consider all his information so we’ll get prepared to catch every moment of you on the day starting of preparation of bride and groom. Then we go through all locations to the reception and shoot all night until the end of the reception. After all this long and exciting field part we get locked up into our editing studio. This may take up to 12 weeks but we consider priorities as well. When fully finished we hand over your goods to your hands.

How can we get further information about your products and services?
Please call us on 0406532080 of send us an email through


We’re so excited to hear from you! Please let us know a little bit about yourself so we can best help you. We would love to grab a cup of coffee around northern suburbs of Melbourne and get to know you!

Please book an appointment for a consultation or to get further information about us via filling out the form below. We will get back to you very soon.